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Head of research and development

Spiden AG
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Job Description
Establishing the R&D facility by designing the laboratory infrastructure, defining required equipment, procurement and proper installation of the equipment and its customization
Defining and planning key R&D activities and overall management of the lab
Designing and developing prototypes and final products; planning, organizing, directing and controlling all the associated processes
Overall management of R&D team by setting objectives, timelines and milestones for different sub-teams and reviewing their performance
Identifying, interviewing and recruiting key personnel for the R&D team
Training R&D team members by providing technical expertise
Regular reporting to the CEO and the board on the status, budget, and other key matters on R&D activities
Writing proposals for grant applications and preparing presentations for investors

Education and Experience
Ph.D. in Physics with strong academic achievements (e.g. Honors degree) from a leading internationally recognized university, preferably in Switzerland
Engineering expertise
Demonstrated academic research experience with published papers in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings
Demonstrated teaching and supervision experience of Bachelor and Master-level students
At least 3 years of post-doctoral work experience at international research institutions with proven experience in establishing and operating R&D labs
Work experience in at least 3 different research institutions around the world (preferably in US, Europe and Asia)
Innovative mindset with multidisciplinary skills in electronics, mechanics and bioengineering
Work experience in multi-language and multi-cultural teams; ability to lead cross-functional teams
Experience of living and working in Switzerland with strong connections to academic and research institutions (at least 5 years of employment in Switzerland)

Clear understanding of principals of particle physics, detection techniques, statistics, and basics of quantum mechanics
Hands-on experience with particle detectors, associate electronics and data acquisition systems
Software: C, C++, Bash, Perl, Python, physics analysis tools, physics simulation frameworks, statistics analysis tools, machine learning algorithms and multivariate analysis techniques
Computing: High performance computing, batch processing and analysis of big data, multi-core and parallel processing
Firmware: Verilog HDL, VHDL, Altera Quartus, ModelSim
Hardware: Photosensitive detectors (PMT, SiPM), Silicon micro-strip detectors, scintillators, optical fibers, light-guides, test electronics test benches, FPGA development kits, PCB design and production, analog electronics (pulse amplification, shaping, trigger logic), microprocessors (Arduino, Raspberry Pi), soldering and assembly skills
Microelectronics: understanding of design workflow of ASIC’s and test procedures
Language: Fluent in English and French (spoken and written); additional language skills advantageous

Company Description
Spiden AG is a privately held company based in Switzerland with a unique vision to improve the well-being of human life by enabling the development of personalized products and solutions through continuous monitoring of vital medical indicators. We are now establishing a new R&D facility in Geneva and looking for the Head of R&D for this facility who will lead a multi-disciplinary team contributing to the development of new medical devices from the conception to the production.

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