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Deep Cube SA
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TOP senior AI Skills required in the field of AI models:

Proven world Class results in AI: either a Kaggle Grand-master, or a Kaggle Master or a Kaggler been ranked in the top 5 of any AI Competition using medical images (at Kaggle, at ICPR, at Univestity Machine learning contest) ; either or awarded as « Best Award in AI » from any university (award from: MSc. Level or PhD level or from Engineer Degree)
Senior Developers have significant experience in software development and use their expertise and knowledge of the industry practices to perform various development tasks such as, AI coding, Ai app development, pre-processing of medical images, denoising, classification fine tuned and SaaS AI web development. Experience in using & developing deep learning applications with PyTorch, Caffe or TensorFlow with the practice of of Medical Images
A minimum of 5 AI models achieved with either PyTorch, either or Caffe, or Tensorflow
Deep Knowledge of ROC curves for the performance of AI Models and of Data Science
Superior performance to state-of the art techniques for building Neural networks with at least the knowledge of 2 of those CNN architectures among those 12 : (VGG Net, Alex Net, GoogLeNet, ResNet, DenseNet, MobileNet, Faster-RCNN, Mask-RCNN, Stacked Hourglass Network, HyperNet, Network Pruning, acceleration, TensorRT).

Essential experience required:

Professional experience in PYTHON 3.6 (major 95%) if possible C/C++ (minor 5%)
Strong knowledge of PYTHON functions, with a minimal knowledge of10 functions among those 24 : decorator, imagesize, ipyparallel, ipython , Keras, Lasagne, math, matplotlib, mpmath, numba, numpy, nvidia-ml-py3, opencv-python, pandas, Pillow, pip, pycuda, pyopencl, scikit-cuda , scikit-learn, scipy, tensorflow, Theano, yard
Deep understanding of CPU/GPU system architecture and Python code debugging
Professional experience in GPU programming using Cuda 8 or later (major) and if possible experience of one open tools (such as PTX, OpenCL, Open GL, OpenACC, Open MP)
Professional experience using one of those 3 OS platforms : either UNIX/Linux or Windows 8/10 64 bits or Mac Os/X Sierra or later. (Cray’s knowledge is not required)
Knowledge of GitHub, PYTHON’s IDLE is mandatory
2 to 5 years of proven experience in AI and Deep learning is mandatory

Main duties and responsibilities include:

Contribute to the Python development of Machine/Deep Learning applications by developing state of the art Machine/Deep Learning applications
Technical Background of Machine/Deep learning algorithms, technology and of Deep learning frameworks
Participate to the development and fine-tuned optimization of AI Models using Convolutional Neural Networks, python 3.6 and NVIDIA GPUs
Build prototypes of deep learning applications using Pytorch TensorFlow Caffe and cuDNN
Contribute to the configuration, benchmarking and tuning of the deep learning infrastructure in collaboration with the team
Contribute to new SaaS Cloud AI architecture and to pure AI and AI HPC patents
Leading an Ai model to top performance and to new world record to surpass human intelligence with AI and the design a new collective intelligence networks
Deep/machine learning algorithms infrastructure and HPC computing (NVIDIA thousands of GPUS and with an access to over 50 000 GPUs on Cray XC Architecture)

Essential skills required:

PhD or Post-doctoral fellowships or MSC or Engineer, in one or several of the following disciplines (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Informatics, Life sciences, Electrical Engineering, Bio Engineering, Bioinformatics, BioChemistry, Bioenvironmental, Biosensors, Biology, Genetics, Medicine, Statistical Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science)
Resistance to pressure and willingness to compete with the best AI world teams
Self-driven and proactive attitude, enabling to successfully drive an Ai Model
Team player interested in seeing the company goal achieved alongside team and individual goals
Autonomous and being able to make best course of decision and action
Quality-driven work ethics
Curious, ambitious, adaptable
Fast learner of any new technologies and on image recognition
Fluent in English and in English vocabulary for High Tech (no other language are required)
Open to Swiss and to nonSwiss (either with L/B/C permit ; either without a swiss permit and AI engineers abroad willing to relocate in Switzerland for this position with a contract from us, as we are looking for for the best AI people to come in the Swiss BIOPOLE)


Kagglers, Git Hubers, High level of abstraction
Dual Brain (as an exemple Biology/Medicine and Ai/Computer Science)
Strong Experience in using cuDNN library v5 or later (major) and in PYTHON
Professional experience in software corps or in Python software development life-cycle including unit testing, integration, version control, debugging and documentation
Successful development track record in designing, developing and maintaining software
Looking for challenge to won over world AI records in sensitivity and in specificity
High level mathematical and logical skills

Applicants should submit a cover letter and a detailed CV in word or PDF format, with a Cover letter giving motivation annual salary expectations, an availability date and a CV with related diplomas electronically and details on AI models already done to cpbz@bluewin.ch

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