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Program Manager

Destinus SA
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The Program Manager is a senior professional that prepares, organizes, coordinates, implements, and monitoring the programs and the projects across the organization, having a sharp business mind and a proven ability to strategize and implement high-level program initiatives.
He/she will provide strategic guidance to teams and project managers in ways that promote the company’s standards and culture. He/she will also oversee and monitor/control the progress of operations (project budgets, schedules, etc).
The ideal candidate will be an excellent leader and will have experience in managing a staff of different disciplines to produce results in a timely manner. They will also be able to develop efficient strategies and tactics with the goal to ensure that all the programs/projects deliver the desirable outcome to our organization.

Duties/Main Functions:
1. Work closely with the company directors, cross-functional teams, and assigned project managers to formulate, organize and monitor inter-connected projects (i.e. plan and develop scope, deliverables, required resources, work plan, budget, and timing for new initiatives). Decide and/or translate suitable company strategies and objectives from the high level of management.
2. Manage program and project teams for optimal return-on-investment, and coordinate and delegate cross-project initiatives
3. Identify key requirements needed from cross-functional teams and external commercial and/or business developers.
4. Develop and manage the budget for projects and be accountable for delivering against established business goals/objectives (i.e. deadlines and activities).
5. Work with the project managers and teams to identify risks and opportunities across multiple projects within the workgroups.
6. Develop backup/recovery plans in the case of unplanned setbacks in project delivery Analyse, evaluate, and overcome program risks, and produce program reports for management and stakeholders.
7. Assess program performance and aim to maximize ROI.
8. Facilitate and ensure effective communication amongst functional bodies/representatives, that is, between the top management team and individual project managers, and also make sure that the information/directives being passed down are diligently carried out
9. Make sure that there is effective allocation of common resources amongst the individual projects under the program.
10. Manage the dependency of individual projects on each other to avoid mix-ups or duplication of projects and resolve the project’s higher scope issues.
11. Prepare reports for program directors.
12. Responsible for all the programme contractual activities.
13. Looking for company funds via EU, ESA, or national delegation of space and transport. Monitors and control closely the subcontractor’s activities and risks together with the project managers of the program.
14. Prepare and raise the tender documents needed of the external supports of the program in collaboration with the directors, the workgroup leaders, and the project managers.
15. Tender bid analysis and winner final decision together with the directors, the project managers, and the workgroups leaders.
16. Preparation of the proposals needed to guarantee the additional funding to the program from EU, ESA, and/or national agencies.

Job Requirements:

MSc. In engineering or equivalent

Professional Experience
• Proven experience as a Program Manager
• Experience as engineer and manager and in the space sector (minimum 10 years)
• Proven proposal negotiation and writing experience

• Very good analysis and reporting methods
• Capacity to deliver in a structured way (accuracy, exhaustiveness, method, rigor, punctuality) Thorough understanding of the project/program management techniques and methods Exceptional leadership, facilitation, and organizational skills
• Working knowledge of the space market
• Outstanding working knowledge of the change management principles and performance evaluation process
• Previous stakeholder management skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Excellent problem-solving ability

Please, send your application by e-mail at : recruitment@destinus.ch
with the offer’s number and join your CV, application letter, copies of work certificates and diplomas.

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